Ingsoc Condition Alert System

The Ingsoc Condition Alert System (ICAS) is a joint project of Students for an Orwellian Society and the Department of Homeland Security. ICAS is a measure of the success of Students for an Orwellian Society in meeting our aims, and is closely linked with the Homeland Security Advisory System. This page explains the possible states in which ICAS can be placed.


When in the doubleplusgood state, Ingsoc has been achieved: civil liberties are fully repressed. In fact, proles who venture outside their homes are automatically considered the enemy.


When in the plusgood state, Ingsoc is near: civil liberties are largely repressed. National Guard troops may be used in place of civillian police. Immigrants' rights are largely to totally curtailed. The Fourth Amendment is switched off.


When in the good state, Ingsoc is making steady progress. The USA PATRIOT act is in full force—need we say more?


We do not expect to ever enter the ungood state.


We do not expect to ever enter the doubleungood state.